The Perfect Proposal Essay

Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board several times that happens that’s that’s just kind of part of the the process being a grad student and whatnot but there are ways that you can kind of anticipate what’s going to happen and anticipate and prepare and plan so that hopefully your committee will say yes I’m in love with your research topic okay so that’s kind of how we’re going to start today there is a template for the thesis and there’s a template for the dissertation there is no template for the proposal there isn’t one size fits all for your thesis or your dissertation proposal. Learn more about proposal essays at Edusson.

Unfortunately or fortunately that is the case if you can get your hands on proposals from other grad students in your program just to see what they look like what are the expectations of most of the people most of the you know people in your department or your committee member your chair the other thing is if you don’t have a model to follow you guys all know the the big journals in your field so I would just go back and look at an article because basically an article from your field is going to be the main skeleton you could work from okay however that those articles are constructed so let’s take a Social Sciences or hard sciences article you may have an introduction that states the problem a little background if you’re in social sciences maybe a longer background a longer literature review a methodology and you won’t have the results or the discussion right so what you could do in your proposals you could have an introduction a little background lit review and then what you’re going to say though is instead of saying I did or this research did do this everything’s then flipped in the future tense.

I will I propose the problem I’m going to look at is this this is why that problem is important I will I will I will I will I will and you outline all of that you can go to the library website and you can find theses and dissertations in your program okay have you all have you all done that that is so cool do you know you can find them by your advisor as well if you go to the library website you go to the database library that tomatoe edu databases and put in ProQuest dissertations and theses full-text all right you get this window okay yeah once you click on it you get this window okay you put in a topic you could put in an author maybe what you would put in is maybe somebody you know who graduated before you if you wanted to look at their dissertation or thesis you put in your advisor and then you put in Texas A&M; and it brings up all the dissertations or the theses that your advisor chaired.