March 2011
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More sad news from Engadget as Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky announces his departure from the website.  If your keeping count, that’s now 3 departures for the tech news site. It is sad to see many of Engadget’s best editors leave the site.  There are also reports that Nilay Patel may also be joining Topolsky, Miller and Miller. The silver lining is that it won’t be the last...
Mar 13th
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Makes You Want to Open Your Wallet
Yesterday, I decided to download Red Sweater’s Mars Edit to see how it measured up as a writing tool.  Today, I’m recommending you give it a look yourself. When I first attempted to run Mars Edit yesterday, I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues with the fact that I’m running the Mac OS X Lion Developper preview on my main machine.  Unfortunately, the current version of...
Mar 7th
The Chair →
Just an amazing piece by John Gruber.  Go read.
Mar 4th
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Sour Grapes
Interesting piece on Nintendo’s keynote speech at GDC this week by Tricia Duryee at All Things Digital, covering Nintendo’s apparent distate of all this mobile and social gaming that’s going on : “In the keynote, Iwata explained the games industry is no longer focused on building the highest quality experiences, but rather is narrowing in on free or very low cost...
Mar 3rd
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Concerning the A5
As soon as I read about the new 1 GHZ dual core A5 chip in the iPad 2, I wondered:  How long before we see these in Apple’s notebooks and desktops? In just one year, they’ve essentially doubled the computing power of their mobile processors while seemingly being able to keep the same energy efficiency.  The processing power is such that you can now have a serious movie editor on a...
Mar 2nd
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The iPad 2
After it’s all been said and done, let’s check how my predictions turned out. 1. Whoops.  Thinner, lighter design and a white version.   2. On the money concerning storage.  They did upgrade the processor with the A5.  No info on the ram yet, but I’ll stick with my earlier guess that they would only update one or the other. 3. On the money. 4. Right about the front facing...
Mar 2nd
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Obligatory: 10 Things about the next iPad.
Even though chiming in on what features the latest iPad will have is old news, I’m still inclined to share my thoughts about it on the eve of it’s announcement.  It’s been on my mind, so I might as well share.  Consider this a first attempt at feature guessing. Gotta build a track record somehow.  Without further ado: 1. Identical form factor to the last, using the same...
Mar 2nd
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Well, if Everyone Else is Doing it.
TUAW’s Victor Agreda Jr, on not respecting Apples Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Preview NDA: “So, from here on we’re going to ignore the NDA like every other Mac news outlet on the internet. We’ll play Apple’s game and help teach the masses about Lion.” Reading the rest of the article, the incredulity of their reasoning (That their behaviour is ok because others are...
Mar 1st