Egg Freckles on Pixelmator 2.0

Thomas Brand, on the new release of Pixelmator:

I like to think of Pixelmator as the version of Photoshop Adobe would have made if they still cared about designing great creative software for the Mac.

Adobe didn’t release an Intel-Only, 64 bit optimized version of Photoshop until CS5 back in April of 2010. That’s a full 4 years after Intel processors powered every computer Apple shipped. How long until we see a version of Adobe’s Creative Suite that takes advantage of the new features introduced in Lion?

Pixelmator has the great advantage of not being the monolithic company Adobe has become, which might explain how they’ve been able to come out of nowhere to produce a worthy competitor to Photoshop at a fraction of the cost, something many (besides Gimp users perhaps) thought was impossible.

Nice to finally see Adobe have some real competition.

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