By Shadoe Huard

March 1st 2011

Well, if Everyone Else is Doing it.   

TUAW’s Victor Agreda Jr, on not respecting Apples Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Preview NDA:

“So, from here on we’re going to ignore the NDA like every other Mac news outlet on the internet. We’ll play Apple’s game and help teach the masses about Lion.”

Reading the rest of the article, the incredulity of their reasoning (That their behaviour is ok because others are doing it) or their ability to discern intent (Apple wants us to break their NDA) goes without saying.  Had I been writing that piece, I might have added : 

“Besides, if we don’t break this NDA, you wouldn’t be visiting our site anyway.”

TUAW, like lots of other technology websites, must live by the law of page views and, where writer’s  voice’s are drowned by the deafening sound of websites trying to one up each other in a variety ways, in some sort of race scoop one another, a kind of equivalent to being the “first” commenter.  In a world like that, it’s understandable you get to point where your making ridiculous rationalizations like TUAWs to save face.  

Luckily, this isn’t the only way to make a living writing on the web.  There’s a whole stable of writers and journalists proving it’s possible to make a living through the skill of their prose to cultivate an audience interested in their thoughts and opinions, broken NDA’s or not.

P.S. :  TUAW, perhaps you’ve never been invited to an Apple event because they’ve already invited all the major news networks from across the world, not because they haven’t noticed your “five years of reporting on the company with laserlike focus.”

(Via Ben Brooks)

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