By Shadoe Huard

Ben Brooks making a great point, but not before going on his own long tirade about specs and performance.  Maybe he can’t, but I can find a ton of reasons to pick a 13” Macbook Pro(which I own*)  over a 13” Macbook Air, all having to do with how I use computers. 

The point is that I’m happy with my computer, as he is with his, since they both allow us to do the things we need to get done.

*I haven’t used a 13 MBP exclusively.  I’ve gone from a 15”MBP to an inferior 13”, to a MBA and iMac i5 with SSD, to iMac and iPad, back to a 13” MBP.  When I decided to cut down to a single machine, it’s the 13” MBP that gave me the best experience I was searching for.

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It’s not about performance specs, it about user experience and how people use their computers
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