By Shadoe Huard

May 10th 2011

Number Crunching Google Music Beta

I did some math* concerning the Google Music Beta that was announced today at Google I/O.

Let’s make the assumption that the average size of a song is about 5MB.  It’s about 6-8MB per song for my iTunes library but I’ll gander that most people still listen to poorly encoded music. Let’s also assume that Google isn’t using any fancy compression when uploading or downloading music to/from their service. Lastly, I’ve calculated the average length of a song on my iTunes library: 3.7 Minutes. So I’ll make the final assumption that people can probably listen to about 16 songs an hour.


1. Approx Time to upload 5000 songs(approx. 25GB) to Google Music Beta = Approx. 29 Hours**

2. Steaming, or downloading (“Pin”) an hour’s worth of songs to your Android device =  80MB (16 x 5)

3. Amount of data used if you listen to 1 hour of music a day for a month on Google Music Beta using your Android device = 2.4GB (30 x 80)

Here’s to hoping there’s Wi-Fi wherever Android users are commuting.

*Feel free to correct me.

**Based on an average, consistent upload speed of 2.048 Mbps ( Net Index claims a 2.71Mbps average in the U.S.)

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