By Shadoe Huard

All Together Now - May 20th 2011

1. Ed Bott

2. Lodsys

3. John Gruber

4. Ben Brooks

5. Shawn Blanc

All Together Now is a collection of quotes I’ve culled from the web this week and which I’ve curated together into a particular perspective of my own.

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I would imagine most of the people who are calling are fairly panic-stricken.1 In any event, name calling, threats and irrationality don’t help. In particular, the death threats are seriously uncool. Some of these companies have our favorite apps, for which we paid the asking price…2 Truth be told, I buy a lot of Kindle books.3 I had to find where the line was drawn in the laws, so I talked to law people.4 And I think it’s a pretty good deal.5