By Shadoe Huard

June 1st 2011

GTD Gets in the Way

Stephen Hackett, over at Forkbombr, on OmniFocus and GTD guilt.

For example, last week, I was working on a strategy for a component of our marketing, but got interrupted by a user with a sick Windows 7 notebook. She needed my help. So I helped. I didn’t stop to create a “Fix Bethany’s HP” project in OmniFocus, with tasks including “Reinstall Symantec” and “Run updates.”

I just did the work.

That said, I wanted to enter it into OmniFocus. I even thought about adding it after the fact, just to mark it as complete.

I enjoyed his post so much because gets to the heart of why I’m so confused by the Getting Things Done movement. So much is written out there about how to best way optimize your system and what software you should get that I always wonder if those ardent GTD people are actually doing anything but thinking about GTD. The irony is almost too much to take. 1

If you want get things done, it would seem obvious to just go ahead and do them. At least, that’s what works for me. 2


1. This is the same sort of thing that is starting to happen with “minimal” writing software, where people are spending more time buying software than actually writing.

2. My struggles with procrastination, however, are a whole other thing.

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