January 29, 2012

Smarterbits Repose

If things are looking awry, fret not. Smarterbits.org is now redirecting away from it's Tumblr home to here, its calepin.co vacation home.

Calepin is a dead simple way to publish your writing on the web. There are no themes to candy wrap your content, no comments to turn off. Nobody likes, reblogs or follows you. There are only a handful of minor customizations (think custom URL slugs) available to users. Articles written for Calepin must be written in Markdown and are published by a simple synching to a Dropbox folder. Calepin takes care of everything but the words themselves. That's still up to you. There's a dedication to the art of writing that's enticing about Calepin. I'm curious to find out if there's any merit there.

I'm half imposing this "repose" here in an effort to refocus on my writing. I'm not tracking analytics, worrying about header colours or which font I'm absolutely convinced needs to be changed on my site this week. For the next (indefinite) while, I'll be writing and enjoying how that feels exclusively. The more I plunge into the "blogging game", the more I grow suspect of the supposed appendages to my writing I'm told to pay attention to.

If you still want to visit the Tumblr edition of Smarterbits, you can do so by going to smarterbits.tumblr.com. For those of you subscribing through RSS, new posts written here should show up in your feed. If not I'll find a fix.

Update By the power of reading and the internet, I've successfully redirected the original Smarterbits RSS to this site. Subscribers you should have nothing to change on your end.


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