By Shadoe Huard

May 29th 2011

Shawn Blanc Interviews Chad Sellers on The Amazon Mac Store

SHAWN: How are you giving Amazon your application? When you update your app, how do you get that update to Amazon?

CHAD: Currently, I email it to them. They are working on an online submission system, but it doesn’t exist yet. It’s non-ideal, but they processed my latest update very quickly.

Just cut. No time to measure...

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May 12th 2011

Fresh Squeeze   

I’m terrible at pressing juice. It once took me about 12 oranges to extract enough liquid for a glass. Much easier from concentrate.

I’ve realized I’m the same with using software.  I tend to stick to the basics, never exploring further, never peeking under the hood.  I use a few shortcuts here and there and I almost never customize the applications I use.   I don’t even try to really explore the breadth of apps that are available for the things I do.  

Just add water. The convenience of using what’s built into my computer is comforting.  Why do I need an app launcher when the dock is always there? What’s automator for again? There’s already noise reduction baked into Lightroom, thanks but no thanks on that plugin.  Instapaper? Just leave the browser window open until I come back to it.  Why does my computer need to be better at doing stuff? It’s fine as it is.

I poke fun, silently, of people endlessly optimizing their workflow, incessently analyzing which hand grip squeezes the orange hardest. They’re doing all that work and I’m lounging, cup of juice in hand. If you’ve had that freshly squeezed nectar, your might be thinking “Wait, you don’t want your juice to taste better?” 

I do. I’m stubborn.  I’ve been reading thousands of articles on the web for a decade. I started using RSS last week. Pretty tasty.  I’m drafting an article about changes I’d like to see made to iTunes and some of them already exist. 

Will you look at that.

Change is hard. Don’t mention oranges near my forearms. Everyday, I’m told from people who’s opinions I value all the ways X, Y & Z makes their lives easier. Fresher, more nutritious.  

I’m not listening. Too busy stirring syrup-ice in a jug.

You know what I’m about to tell you, but I need to get it out. I need to tell MYSELF. 

Try things. Add another app to the dock, even if you think it’s one too many.  

It’s ok to do things your way.  To have a process.  Just remember to build upon it.

Kool-Aid is delicious.  Fruit Presses exist too.

You might like them. With some practice, I will too.

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May 4th 2011

Re: What Would You Buy First?   

Great idea for an experiment over at the Brooks Review, asking us in what order we’d purchase the apps we already use if we had to start over from scratch. I’m more than happy to oblige with mine:

1. Mobile Me (Technically a service, but it’s the first thing I arrange on every new computer and iOS device I purchase and I use it each day.)

2. Mars Edit

3. Dropbox

4. Windows 7 (I use it , with bootcamp, like I would an app)

5. Adobe LIghtroom

6. Photomatix Pro

7. Photoshop

8. BB Edit

9. iWork (1.iWork 2.Keynote 3.Numbers)

10. Disk Warrior

11. Daisy Disk

12. Aperture

13. Facetime

Also, honorary mention to both Transmission and Handbrake.  Althought technically free, they would be right up there at the top of the list.

Fun, simple little thought experiement, you should give it a try.

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