By Shadoe Huard

June 3rd 2011

TUAW Gets a Redesign

Seems inspired by this.

Or maybe this.

Or this.

I guess this is their “laser like” way of trying to prove to Apple they’re legit enough to get press passes now.

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March 6th 2011

Makes You Want to Open Your Wallet   

Yesterday, I decided to download Red Sweater’s Mars Edit to see how it measured up as a writing tool.  Today, I’m recommending you give it a look yourself.

When I first attempted to run Mars Edit yesterday, I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues with the fact that I’m running the Mac OS X Lion Developper preview on my main machine.  Unfortunately, the current version of Mars Edit had a tough go at it, and would just keep crashing at start-up.  I was resolved to just wait for an official update for Lion sometime this summer.

This morning, to my surprise,  I was greeted by an email from the support team at Red Sweater.  Having apparently read the crash report I had sent them, they were gracious enough to send me a beta version of Mars Edit that works on Lion.

On a sunday. Without my even asking for it.

It’s service like this that makes a company stand out in the eyes of customers.  This is my first time ever dealing with Red Sweater, I’m not even a paying customer yet and I’ve already had a great experience with them.

Makes you want to open you wallet.

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