By Shadoe Huard

May 16th 2011

10 Reasons for Geeks to Love HP webOS

This list was brought to my attention by Dan Benjamin, who mentionned it on last thursday’s Daily Edition. 

I recommend reading the comments on the page. 2  I don’t think those 10 points are compelling reasons why a developer should write their apps on webOS rather than on Android or iOS.   Apple might just need 1 reason.

I should mention that I really hope webOS gets a second chance.  I imagine the software as the frankenchild of iOS and Android, a mixture of both their strengths. It’s a combination I find interesting.  It’s unfortunate it hasn’t really taken off, but they aren’t helping themselves with things like this. With the competition they’re facing, those aren’t the arguments they should be making.

1. Again, if you haven’t heard of 5by5 studios, then do yourself a favor and follow the link.

2. For a change.

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