By Shadoe Huard

Episode 1 : How To Get TypeKit on Your Tumblr

Introducing the first SmarterBits screencast!

For this first installment 1, I’ll be going over how to add TypeKit to your Tumblr blog. I’m no expert at HTML and CSS so I’m just showing how I did it for those of you in similar situations as myself.

Hope you enjoy it!


1. I’ll get better, promise.

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November 9th 2010

More Reasons the Web is so Useful.   

So I’ve been working for the last few weeks on building a website for my photography business.  Having no web design experience, I’ve been looking for some reference material to help me get up to speed with HTML/XHTML/CSS.  A few searches later and I stumbled onto this Introduction to Web Standards course on the Opera Developer site. Essentially, it’s the perfect primer to creating your own website if your into DIY.

It’s been around since 2008, but I feel it’s worth circulating around anyway for anyone who might not have heard of it.  It’s a great initiative on the part of the Opera team.  It still astounds me how much easier it is to gain access to information and education in the digital age.  

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