By Shadoe Huard

May 4th 2011

Re: What Would You Buy First?   

Great idea for an experiment over at the Brooks Review, asking us in what order we’d purchase the apps we already use if we had to start over from scratch. I’m more than happy to oblige with mine:

1. Mobile Me (Technically a service, but it’s the first thing I arrange on every new computer and iOS device I purchase and I use it each day.)

2. Mars Edit

3. Dropbox

4. Windows 7 (I use it , with bootcamp, like I would an app)

5. Adobe LIghtroom

6. Photomatix Pro

7. Photoshop

8. BB Edit

9. iWork (1.iWork 2.Keynote 3.Numbers)

10. Disk Warrior

11. Daisy Disk

12. Aperture

13. Facetime

Also, honorary mention to both Transmission and Handbrake.  Althought technically free, they would be right up there at the top of the list.

Fun, simple little thought experiement, you should give it a try.

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March 6th 2011

Makes You Want to Open Your Wallet   

Yesterday, I decided to download Red Sweater’s Mars Edit to see how it measured up as a writing tool.  Today, I’m recommending you give it a look yourself.

When I first attempted to run Mars Edit yesterday, I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues with the fact that I’m running the Mac OS X Lion Developper preview on my main machine.  Unfortunately, the current version of Mars Edit had a tough go at it, and would just keep crashing at start-up.  I was resolved to just wait for an official update for Lion sometime this summer.

This morning, to my surprise,  I was greeted by an email from the support team at Red Sweater.  Having apparently read the crash report I had sent them, they were gracious enough to send me a beta version of Mars Edit that works on Lion.

On a sunday. Without my even asking for it.

It’s service like this that makes a company stand out in the eyes of customers.  This is my first time ever dealing with Red Sweater, I’m not even a paying customer yet and I’ve already had a great experience with them.

Makes you want to open you wallet.

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