By Shadoe Huard

June 1st 2011

Engadget's Review of the New Nook Wi-Fi

Brian Heater:

The new Nook is a bit of an enigma, in a sense, simultaneously adding more features while attempting to return to the simple reading experience missing from tablets like the iPad and Nook Color. It succeeds on both accounts. All of the new features enhance rather than detract from the goal of reading, and they’re there when you want them and mostly invisible when you don’t. The social functions are about reading and reading alone — if you’re looking for a place to play Words with Friends, look elsewhere.

The industry — save for Sony — has seemingly settled on a price point for simple e-readers, and at $139, the Nook fits right in, priced the same as the Kindle and $10 more than the 1GB Kobo.

Guess that’s on par with what I was thinking:

They worked out the kinks and now the Nook gets it right in the places that matter: Size, battery life, ease of use and price.  Amazon is going to have it’s work cut out for them.

Even for an iPad owner, these devices are starting to be seriously attractive.

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