By Shadoe Huard

June 15th 2011

The Difference Two Tenths of a Millimeter Makes

Katherine Boehret, on the Galaxy Tab 10.1:

But this week I reviewed the first tablet that’s actually thinner than the iPad 2: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Never mind that the difference in thinness between these competing tablets is two-tenths of a millimeter. Thinner is thinner.

But the most noticeable difference between these two tablets is battery life: in my test with Wi-Fi on, the screen brightness at about 75 percent and continuous work on a writing task (typing, formatting text, reading articles and communicating with writers who provide prime essays services) Galaxy Tab 10.1 lasted only 5 hours 38 minutes. That's just a little more than half as long as the iPad 2, which lasted 10 hours and nine minutes in the same test.

Nice as it looks, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lacking some built-in features. Unlike the iPad, this tablet supports Flash, Adobe’s popular format for playing videos in the Web browser. But out of the box, it won’t play Flash videos unless people first download a free Adobe Flash Player app from the Android Market. I only discovered this by unsuccessfully attempting to play videos on

A Samsung spokesman said a future software update will include Adobe Flash Player, but that won’t be pushed to devices until later this summer.

I suppose I can endure living with a device that’s two tenths of a millimeter thicker. But I suppose I would also have to endure having double the battery life and a fully baked OS on my clunky device.


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