By Shadoe Huard

October 28th 2010

The ExoPC: “I’ve never seen an Ipad”   

From Engadget’s review:

$599 is a lot of money to bet on a platform that isn’t ready and a piece of hardware that must be plugged into the wall for the better part of the day. The ExoPC may be a solid choice for developers and early adopters looking to tinker, but it’s just not a mainstream consumer tablet… yet. “

Reading up on this device, as I’ll never get to play with one (not that I’m curious to), I can only conclude that the people responsible for this “Slate”, and probably many other “Slate” producers, have obviously never used an Ipad, or else just can’t figure out what essential features a tablet device should have.  

“Must be plugged into the wall for the better part of the day” isn’t one of those features.

I can’t see how any other tablet being announced or released at the moment is going to even offer competition to the Ipad. They are just so ludicrously missing the point in every way.  Do they realize there will be a 2nd gen Ipad by the time most of their 1st gen devices make it out the door?

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