By Shadoe Huard

HP has released a series of videos on YouTube, showing off their TouchPad tablet in action.  People have been waiting to see what webOS can do on a larger screened device and from the looks of it, it seems like HP is set to deliver the goods. They even use the word “magic”. Some thoughts:

  • Again, you can note the presence of the “iPad marketing strategy influence”. Nothing wrong with that.
  • - One of the videos demos a resizable keyboard. And a number row.
  • - The Citrix receiver looks really interesting for Enterprise. TouchPad as a whole seems really ready for enterprise.
  • - “Just Type” is probably the next thing people will be clamouring for on iOS.
  • - Integration with webOS phones seems to make way more sense than it does with say, the herpes of tablets.
  • - This is truly a tablet version of webOS, not just phone webOS stretched to a larger screen.

Overall, looks promising. The videos hammer home the key points that people shopping for a tablet will actually care about, especially when comparing it with iPad. It also seems like the first non Apple tablet to ship as a “finished” product.  Hopefully, battery life and performance hold up.

HP, feel free to send a review unit my way. 

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